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Archives: January 2014

Super Bowl Sunday

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Come join us for our Giardino’s Super Bowl Party in the Bar.


Sunday February 2nd
We will be serving complementary Chicken, Pork, Pasta, Pizza and Polpette (meatballs)


And for dessert Cheese cake, donated by   Chelsea Cheesecake Company

Limited Space. please call for reservations. Complementary food at the bar only

Guess the final score and win a Dinner for 2*!

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Only one entry per e-mail. In case of a tie, winners will get a Lunch for 2

*Dinner for 2 Includes:
2 salads or 1 appetizer to share, 2 entrees and 2 desserts. Alcohol, Taxes and Tip not included. Reservations required in order to redeem.

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Wine Facts: Origins of Wine

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glass of wine

We recently found out the origin of wine according to legend, which may be as interesting to you as it was to us!

According to legend, the discovery of wine is the story of Jamsheed a semi-mythical Persian king, who may have been Noah. A woman of his harem tried to take her life with fermented grapes, which were thought to be poisonous. Wine was discovered when she found herself rejuvenated and lively.

We don’t know the details of why she tried to take her own life, but we are all certainly thankful for her discovery! Keep a lookout for future wine facts posted on our blog, and of course learn more about our wines with every visit to the Trattoria!