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New Year’s Eve the Italian Way!

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champagneAs we all recover from our Christmas celebrations yesterday, we are already looking forward to celebrating the new year next week. I have compiled some Italian traditions for New Year’s Eve to lend inspiration for your own parties and festivities, I hope you enjoy learning about this fabulous culture’s traditions with me!

Throwing Out of Old Pots and Pans

In Italy, especially Southern Italy, Italians bring in the new year by throwing out old pots and pans (and sometimes appliances) into the street. The act is said to dispel bad luck from the new year, or “out with the old, in with the new” as they say. If traveling in Italy this holiday season, be sure to watch out for falling kitchenware as you explore!

Red Underwear for Good Luck

I’m not entirely sure how this one works, but according to Italian tradition, if you wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve, you are sure to encourage good luck for the new year. Go figure! I’m not opposed to new traditions, it is certainly worth a shot!

Champagne and Fireworksfireworks

Like our American traditions for New Year’s Eve, Italians also ring in the new year with champagne toasts and fireworks. Personally, I am partial to both champagne and fireworks, and I will gladly embrace Italian tradition in that regard this season.

Other traditions for an Italian New Year’s celebration include setting a good foundation for the new year with a delicious meal. You of course know where to get a delicious Italian meal! We will be open for New Year’s Eve and we would be honored to ring in the New Year with you.

What traditions do you participate in every year?

Buon Anno from the Trattoria!